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Promise of Place
The Black Male Achievement City Index scores 50 cities on scale from 1 to 100 according to their visible level of engagement and committed action on behalf of Black men and boys.
BMA Life Outcomes
These indicators can inform targeted strategies to improve outcomes and forecast the need for age- and socioeconomic- specific policies, programs, and practices. 
BMA Funders
BMAfunders is funded by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA). CBMA originated as an initiative of the Open Society Foundations and in January 2015 spun off as a stand-alone
Capacity Building

Promise of Place 2015: Cities Advancing Black Male Achievement

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) developed this first-of-its-kind report to track and communicate how cities’ efforts across the country are advancing Black Male Achievement. The Promise of Place: Cities Advancing Black Male Achievement..  unveils the Black Male Achievement (BMA) City Index, which scores 50 cities according to their visible level of engagement and committed action on behalf of Black men and boys. The report spotlights the 10 cities with the highest scores and provides in-depth profiles of how the three highest-scored cities—Detroit, MI; Oakland, CA; and Washington, DC—are responding to the needs of Black men and boys to ensure they achieve their full potential. The Promise of Place report also details three areas where all cities can and must do better to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys: 1) mobilizing a Black male achievement stakeholder community, 2) reimagining how we perceive Black men and boys and 3) developing and implementing a Black Male Achievement agenda to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys.
Criminal Justice

African American Father Involvement and Preschool Children’s School Readiness

Develops hypotheses to describe the behaviors and conditions associated with reducing delinquent behaviors and juvenile justice system involvement, and improving academic functioning among black males. The report also discusses academic potential, so.. cial and historical context and failures of educational and juvenile justice policies and practices, and the resilience of the participants.
Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families

Accelerating Results for Black Males: A Resource Guide for Promise Neighborhoods

Results of a study investigating relations between father involvement and children’s school readiness using a development ecological model. Findings hold policy implications for fatherhood initiatives in the early childhood education field. Efforts t.. o increase father involvement may be most effective when addressing the multitude of influences on fathering behavior and focusing on father-child activities that occur outside of the preschool setting.
Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families

Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program

Provides very basic information about poor noncustodial parents and their contact and connection with the child support system.
Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families

What Works" in Fatherhood Programs? Ten Lessons from Evidence-Based Practice

What works” in fatherhood programs? As the responsible fatherhood field continues to grow, an increasing number of programs have been put into place to improve fathers’ involvement with children and families. While several studies have examined the e.. ffects of programs on outcomes for fathers and their families, results of these studies vary, as does the quality and rigor of research methods. Only rigorous evaluations of programs can provide evidence of whether or not programs have the desired effect. Fortunately, the existence of several rigorous evaluations of recent fatherhood and parenting programs allow us to make preliminary conclusions about those features that make for effective fatherhood programs. This brief identifies 10 common features of “model” fatherhood programs. 
Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families

What Works in Fatherhood Programs?

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there! With Father's Day on our mind, we are reminded about the critical role that fatherhood programs can play in the lives of Black boys and their families. But how do we know what is an effective program? .. Many organizations are engaged in this work, and certain practices can either positively or negatively impact families. Please see below for 10 critical features of successful fatherhood programs, and the full brief from the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearing House here.