CBMA nurtures a vibrant network of leaders and organizations working on the ground to drive positive outcomes for Black men and boys

Featured Resources

Promise of Place
The Black Male Achievement City Index scores 50 cities on scale from 1 to 100 according to their visible level of engagement and committed action on behalf of Black men and boys.
BMA Life Outcomes
These indicators can inform targeted strategies to improve outcomes and forecast the need for age- and socioeconomic- specific policies, programs, and practices. 
BMA Funders
BMAfunders is funded by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA). CBMA originated as an initiative of the Open Society Foundations and in January 2015 spun off as a stand-alone

A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation

An introduction to advocacy evaluation from the advocate’s perspective. This guide helps give you a sense of what is involved in advocacy evaluation and helps you get the most from an evaluation when the time comes.
Narrative Change

Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

Provides a five-step process for involving stakeholders in developing evaluation questions, and includes four worksheets to facilitate this process. This guide aims to assist evaluators in the process of engaging stakeholders—those with a stake or in.. terest in the program, policy, or initiative being evaluated—as it seeks to increase the value and usefulness of evaluation.

Building A Performance Measurement System: Using Data to Accelerate Social Impact

Provides an easy-to-follow, five-step process for developing a customized performance measurement system. The guide serves as a tool for organizations seeking to measure progress in achieving mission, goals, and visions; develop dashboards and learn .. how to analyze performance data; create a culture of learning and continuous improvement; develop report cards to communicate performance; and use data-based evidence to build funder confidence
Capacity Building

Advocacy Progress Planner

Free online tools. The Advocacy Progress Planner and Continuous Progress side-by-side guides help advance advocacy for grantmakers and advocates working on domestic issues and global issues.  These tools enable advocates, funders, and evaluators to p.. lan better, evaluate better, and advocate better.

Continuous Progress: Better Advocacy Through Evaluation

The Advocate Guide is divided into the three phases of an advocacy campaign: Before you start planning, during your campaign, after your campaign has ended.  Also provides information about different components of foreign policy and global developmen.. t advocacy evaluation.
Economic Opportunity

Creating High-Impact Nonprofits

Conventional wisdom says that scaling social innovation starts with strengthening internal management capabilities. This study of 12 high-impact nonprofits, however, shows that real social change happens when organizations go outside their own walls .. and find creative ways to enlist the help of others.

From Insight to Action: New Direction in Foundation Evaluation

This piece explores how the field of philanthropy is undergoing a fundamental transition toward more performance-centered and forward-looking evaluation approaches that provide foundations and their grantees with timely information and actionable ins.. ights.

Getting Equity Advocacy Results

Getting Equity Advocacy Results (GEAR) draws from the wisdom and experience of seasoned advocates and action researchers to provide useful benchmarks, frameworks, and tools for measuring progress in equity efforts for policy change across a range of .. issues.