CBMA nurtures a vibrant network of leaders and organizations working on the ground to drive positive outcomes for Black men and boys

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Promise of Place
The Black Male Achievement City Index scores 50 cities on scale from 1 to 100 according to their visible level of engagement and committed action on behalf of Black men and boys.
BMA Life Outcomes
These indicators can inform targeted strategies to improve outcomes and forecast the need for age- and socioeconomic- specific policies, programs, and practices. 
BMA Funders
BMAfunders is funded by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA). CBMA originated as an initiative of the Open Society Foundations and in January 2015 spun off as a stand-alone
Youth Development Los Angeles

Teachers, Race and Student Achievement in a Randomized Experiment

Findings from a participatory action research (PAR) project involving seven high-school aged black males in South Los Angeles. Students undertook research to empirically verify and qualitatively explore narratives concerning incarceration and univers.. ity enrollment. Using math “counter-stories” as a unique synthesis of critical and mathematical literacies supported through PAR, implications for re-orientation of high school-aged black males towards mathematics are discussed.

Engaging African-American Males in Reading

Background for discussion about the difficulties young black males have experienced in finding employment and the economically bleak future of those with no post-secondary education. It identifies labor market and educational challenges facing young .. black males, compares Black males with men in other race-ethnic groups, and reviews literature on what seems to work or not work in solving these problems.
Economic Opportunity

Cost Perceptions and College-Going for Low-Income Students

This Research to Practice brief is the first in a series from the Pathways to College Network and National College Access Network seeking to bridge the gap between scholarly research and effective practice. This brief highlights research on the role .. of “cost perceptions” on low-income students’ college-going and features tangible advice from ACCESS College Foundation experts.
Civic Participation

A Promising Connection: Increasing College Access and Success through Civic Engagement

This report explores the known research about the connection between civic engagement activities and college access and success. It also shares best practices, data, and evaluations from two successful programs that have used service and service-lear.. ning as a strategy to increase college access and success.

College Knowledge: Addressing Information Barriers to College

This study describes the information that constitutes the “college knowledge” needed to apply to and attend college and analyzes the barriers faced by low-income and minority students and those who are the first generation in their families to attend..  college.This publication captures insights shared during the symposium, “Middle School Matters: Improving the Life Course of Black Boys,” co-sponsored by ETS and the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), that examined the education and status of African American males.
Capacity Building

Grantmaking with a Racial Equity Lens

In this guide, grantmakers explain why a focus on racial equity gives them a powerful "lens" for understanding and advancing their work. Drawing on firsthand experiences, the guide offers advice on promoting and deepening your foundation's commitment.. , both internally and in the programs you support.
Narrative Change

Race Matters Toolkit

Designed to help decision-makers, advocates, and elected officials get better results in their work by providing equitable opportunities for all. The toolkit presents a specific point of view on addressing unequal opportunities by race and offers sim.. ple, results-oriented steps to help you achieve your goals.
Economic Opportunity

African American Philanthropy: A Legacy of Giving

The goal of this booklet is to review the tradition of black philanthropy, celebrate contemporary examples of black giving, and suggest ways to harness the power of black philanthropy for effective giving.
Civic Participation

Navigating the Advocacy Maze

Provides a better understanding of advocacy activities to yield significant rewards for nonprofits and foundations. Contents include position development, educating and lobbying policymakers, grasstops or influencer mobilization, grassroots or consti.. tuency mobilization, electoral politics, use of media, how an idea becomes policy, and the advocacy map.