Shawn Gardner’s purpose in life is to transform the next generation of leaders by helping them see a different perspective to overcome adversity. His purpose is driven by his passion to share his story to inspire, motivate, and transform lives. His journey includes being the President, and Founder of 2NOT1 Fatherhood & Families, Inc. 2NOT1 is an organization focused on strengthening families to become self-sufficient. 

The organization is intentional about increasing the capacity of fathers and providing support for young black boys. He has developed a curriculum he uses to coach people searching for direction to achieve their goals. The curriculum has a conflict management foundation and four guiding principles. He has authored a book detailing his transition from struggling in the inner-city to his steps to believe in himself and overcome adversity.

Dr. Gardner is a Center for Urban Families, Practitioners Leadership Institute Fellow, A Leadership Louisville Bingham Fellow, and a Just Leadership Leading with Conviction Fellow. He earned his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University and is the father of four daughters.