Headshot Kirchman Rebecca Kirchman

Rebecca Kirchman


Educator, Wauwatosa West High School

Rebecca Kirchman is a Wisconsin native, growing up in rural Prairie Du Chien on the Mississippi river. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Viterbo University and a Masters of Education from Edgewood College. Rebecca has been teaching special education at various levels since 2001 and spent the last 14 years at the high school level. Currently she resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and her professional path has taken her to Wauwatosa West High School where she supports and teaches students with disabilities in the regular education classroom. 

Several years ago, Rebecca took on the advising duties of the Black Student Union Club at West HS. As a result, it has taken her social activism and leadership within the school and community to a new level. Becoming the advisor of Black Student Union has become a focal point of her job and work, expanding to community involvement and advocacy. 

Rebecca continues to look for ways to increase her self-awareness, crack the status quo, and find equity for her students in and outside the classroom. Her personal interests include travel, coaching basketball, community events at the local mosque and photography.