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Randolph Hull


Educator & Founder, Randolph Bernard Foundation

Randolph Hull is a native Detroiter and graduate of Wayne State University who has actively been involved in schools and youth-based community programs in the City of Detroit for nearly twenty years. As a certified teacher and administrator, he has worked within the educational sectors of public and alternative schooling where he provided best practices in educational standards and created meaningful community and youth relationships, while maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism as an advocate for change.

Randolph’s passion extends him to work diligently to raise awareness of educational practices and other factors that have hindered growth of families in the black community for generations.  His heart, calling, and soul has been in uplifting our communities and changing the generational problems that consistently impact youth in society, schools, and within the justice system.  

In 2018 after several years of working with other community based organizations, he received the call to start the Randolph Bernard Foundation with the belief that “we can make things better” and embraced a motto “to be the tree not the grass” speaking to his desire to create a mindset of growth and fruitfulness that develops deep family and community roots.  This mission aims to create generational change and reach the lives of young black men who have experience similar imbalances and injustices in their childhoods.  Randolph believes he can encourage others to make things better and through his foundation his focus is to essentially fulfill that promise.