Olafemi Headshot

Olafemi B. Akintunde


Educator, Radical Healing Trainer, Flourish Agenda Inc.

Olafemi B. Akintunde serves as instructor for the Juvenile Hall and a Radical Healing Trainer for Flourish Agenda Inc. Olafemi’s work focuses on differential teaching, student achievement, curriculum and professional development.

A graduate of California State University East Bay with a B.A. in Sociology and an emphasis in social services, Olafemi is a multi credentialed teacher who continues to serve many different communities throughout the country. With an extensive background in teaching, facilitation, program development, and social service delivery, Olafemi’s focus has been geared towards the healing and education of boys and men of color. Through his work with Flourish Agenda Inc, Alameda County of Education, Juvenile Hall, and the Office of African American Male Achievement over the last several years, he has created opportunities for individuals to explore toxic social constructs while providing a comprehensive lens needed to heal self and community.

As an educator, he has been featured in the Detroit Free Press, Blavity, Ubuntu Leadership Academy, and the African American Male Achievement Documentary, “Kingmakers.” In addition, his work has been published by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, which featured his unique approach to educating young black males. His engaging pedagogical practices were crafted from a place of absolute understanding of the Black male experience through education. Thus, his life’s work is focused on the education and the healing of black boys and men. He is honored to be in a position to impact change and looks forward to continuing the legacy of great educators.