Liston Monique

Monique Liston


Owner, Ubuntu Research and Evaluation LLC,

I am a Black woman. I educate. I research. I organize. I innovate.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is my home. My family history follows The Great Migration from Africa to Mississippi and Alabama to Gary and Memphis to Milwaukee and Chicago. I am a Ph.D Candidate in the Urban Education Doctoral Program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. My research interests include addressing social inequity through education, developing deimperialist and decolonial methods of evaluation and assessment, and using food as subject and method of community empowerment. I believe that racial equity outcomes must be met through respecting, protecting and fulfilling a sense of dignity for everyone. Until we address oppression as pathologies that must be identified, addressed and eradicated we will continually be subject to new iterations of age old problems.  I hold a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Delaware and a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from UW-Milwaukee. My roots are at Howard University where I obtained a BA in Sociology and learned about the importance of Black institution building. I look forward to using this fellowship to increase grassroot capacity in Milwaukee to build cooperative institutions that serve the needs of the community economically, socially, politically and spiritually.