Kelvin Lyons Headshot

Kelvin Lyons, Jr.


Founder and Community Organizer, Local 10 Collective-Baltimore

Kelvin Lyons, Jr. is a man of faith, family and leadership. A resident of Baltimore City, he attended Frostburg State University and graduated with his degree in Accounting. While there he found his passion and purpose of organizational leadership and community engagement as he become member and later moving up in becoming the president of the Black Student Alliance on campus and severed with several other local and national civil groups. He then obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Maryland, University College. While maintaining a high level of self-determination and integrity, Kelvin began to focus on his ability to a positive advocate for black men in his community and culture by developing his leadership and interpersonal skills.

Kelvin continues to uplift his community and works intentionally to pour into the lives of young black men and underrepresented youth assisting them with finding their greatest potential and purpose. Kelvin has immersed himself in being a part of the solution and the empowerment of men in creating a new narrative in our society. Servicing his community as a dedicated brother and collegiate adviser committee member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., a mentor basketball coach with 10:12 Sports, an inner-city faith based high school recreational sports league and 10+ years of working with varies other community-based organizations.  

In 2018 Kelvin became the founder and community organizer of the Local 10 Collective-Baltimore, an organization created to connect, amplify and organize local black men and leaders who are self-determine in their fields and invested in contributing to the success of its peers and community. As a collective they focus on bridging the gap of information, resources and opportunities and as a community they focus on empowering and uplifting young men and youth through initiatives built around the 5 Ls; Lead, Learn, Leverage, Love and Lifestyle.