Eric Jamison

Eric Jamison II


Executive Director and Co-founder, Rising Over Standards and Excelling, (ROSE) Inc.

Eric Jamison II has earned Bachelor Degrees in Chemistry and Anthropology from The Lincoln University (PA), a Master’s Degree in Applied Chemistry from Delaware State University, and a Master of Public Health Degree in Behavioral and Community Health from the University of Maryland. As a result of participating in community engagement activities throughout Maryland, Eric has established himself as a community leader by promoting youth education and development through Rising Over Standards and Excelling, (ROSE) Inc., where he serves as Executive Director and Co-founder.

Eric has positively influenced the lives of over 60 youth through the mentoring initiatives of the REGAL Women and ROYAL Men Internship Program since 2015. He has provided teenagers health education and collaborated with researchers to develop a curriculum for mentors of at-risk violent youth. Additionally, he is a published author in the area of adolescent violence, and developed an anti-bullying curriculum tailored to the public school system. Moreover, Eric has served Baltimore through ROSE’s annual “Back2School Drive”- providing over 800 youth in Baltimore City over a two-year period and the “Warm Winter Gear Drive”, which has provided winter garments for over 300 families over a two-year period.

Furthermore, Eric has led initiatives to adopt over 10 families during the holiday season over the past three years as well as to adopt a middle school- providing school supplies and uniforms for over 150 students the past two years. Finally, Eric has provided an HBCU college tour for 19 youth over a three-year period.