A native of Durham, North Carolina, DeWarren K. Langley, JD, MPA is an equity-minded community leader, student success coach, career development specialist, policy analyst and strategy consultant. He is the Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) academic, leadership and professional development nonprofit organization which provides a continuum of programs, services and mentorship to educate, engage, empower and equip young men of color with the strategies they need to secure socioeconomic success by transforming academic policies and connecting them with professional opportunities to become high-results leaders as employees or entrepreneurs. 
The Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc. works to remedy implicit bias, systemic oppression and barriers to equity and inclusion to ensure all young men of color have equal opportunity to lead successful and meaningful lives. The Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc. partners with colleges, universities and organizations to shift mindsets and practices, and implement proactive research and evidence based strategies to counteract inequities and foster academic and professional success.
As a 2019 Black Male Achievement Leader-in-Residence Fellow, Mr. Langley’s objective is to implement a collective impact model to enact sustainable systemic change which is accomplished through a matrix of policy, programs and partnerships to cultivate a common agenda aligned with actions and measurable outcomes to remedy socioeconomic barriers to allow all young men of color to have equal opportunity for successful and meaningful lives. By connecting those we serve to appropriate resources and supportive services success is not just possible, it is inevitable.
Mr. Langley earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Economics with a minor in Leadership Studies from Hampton University, Juris Doctor with a concentration in Civil Rights & Constitutional Law from North Carolina Central University School of Law, Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Government Administration and Public Policy from North Carolina Central University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University.
He earned a Certificate in Mental Health First Aid from the National Council for Behavioral Health, and a Certificate of Completion in Technology of Participation Group Facilitation Methods from the Institute of Cultural Affairs.  In addition, he completed the SPARC Nonprofit Board Training of the United Way of the Greater Triangle, Racial Equity Training I of the Racial Equity Institute, Durham Planning Academy, Durham Citizens Police Academy and Durham Neighborhood College.