Chris Rasheedand Mentee Josh

Chris Rasheed


Educator, WEB Dubois Academy

I am Chris Rasheed. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. I have also lived in San Francisco, California and Washington D.C. I spent a large part of my childhood growing up in the West End area. I stayed on 104 South Western Parkway in the 40212 zip code area, which is one of the redlined areas in the city. I chose to still reside in the West End. I also have ties to the historic Smoketown Area. I attended Burnet Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. The house is no longer standing and the church has since relocated. However, my affection and childhood memories from my Smoketown experiences have not faded from memory. In August, I will begin teaching 7th grade ELA at The WEB Dubois Academy for young Black males.

Several of the most recent highlights of my life is that I won the Hilliard Lyons 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award in Jefferson County Public Schools. I won a Moth story telling slam and was featured on National Public Radio (NPR). Also I was honored to participate in the Smoketown Poetry Walk, as one of the featured artists. From that experience, all sorts of amazing opportunities have followed. For example, I have partnered up with IdeasXLab, an internationally acclaimed artist, and several community activists, for the purpose of engaging my students in a project that analyzed and mapped air quality issues in Jefferson County. The students also shared their experiences with asthma and how they can address these concerns, through their writing and artistic expression.