Betsy Mc Ginnity Headshot

Betsy McGinnity


Educator; Board Member, McGinnity Family Foundation

Betsy McGinnity is a native of Milwaukee, a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) graduate and has
served as a high school counselor in MPS for the past six years. Betsy also serves on the board
of the McGinnity Family Foundation, a small family foundation funding seed grants for youth led projects. Betsy has found advocacy, relationship building, networking, team building, and a
check in-check out process to be effective strategies while working with her students and
helping them receive a high school diploma.

Betsy is committed to improving the lives of our young people by giving them a voice, continuing to support them within the K-12 education system and helping them plan for their lives after graduation. Betsy believes that our young people have amazing gifts and talents that would greatly benefit our community if our students were given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and find success.