Bbhead Shot3 Barry Brinkley

Barry Omar Brinkley


Executive Director, Equity in Student Achievement, Guilford County Schools

Barry Omar Brinkley is the Executive Director of Equity in Student Achievement for Guilford County Schools. In this role, he leads the district’s African American Male Achievement Initiative and serves as the process lead for the school district’s student code of conduct revisions process. Previously, Barry was a Student Support Consultant and Coach for Turnaround For Children in Washington DC. He worked directly with teachers and administrators to translate and connect the neuroscience of trauma to everyday school practices through weekly professional development and coaching.

Barry was the Founding Director of Community Development for Rocketship Public Schools in Washington DC. He helped establish relationships with community leaders and partners in preparation for Rocketship’s first campus in the District. Barry has also served as the Dean of Student Support at DC Prep Academy. He was the lead administrator for all discipline and attendance issues, parent and community engagement, and college preparation. As Dean, Barry also helped to build a school-wide behavior management program.

Barry has a MA in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Family and Child Development from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Most recently, Barry participated in the School Systems Leaders Fellowship with Cambiar Education and Teach For America.