Antonio L Mc Koy Headshot2

Antonio L. McCoy


Board Chair, Shield Mentor Program

Hello, my name is Antonio L. McKoy. I have degrees in Public Policy and African American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as a Master of Public Administration degree from Penn State University. In both my academic and professional careers, I have worked to improve access to educational and job opportunities for all members of my community. I currently work in grants management, helping organizations with the implementation of grant awards that serve some of the most vulnerable segments of our community. Additionally, I serve as the Board Chair for the SHIELD Mentor Program, where our focus is providing mentoring and leadership development opportunities to youth.

Prior to working in grants management and serving as the Board Chair for SHIELD, I was the founding Director of the City of Winston-Salem YouthBuild program. In this role, I was able to develop community partnerships around the cause of empowering community youth to not only change their own lives but to be a positive force for change in their communities. Together we provided GED prep courses, adult high school courses, construction training, job readiness training, and leadership development to 80 area youth aged 16-24. During my career I have had the privilege of working with a variety of community organizations and initiatives focused on providing training opportunities to underrepresented populations. 

Often times this translates into serving segments of the African American community to include: in and out of school youth; males; and re-entry populations. All of these programs provide important educational, job training, and leadership opportunities to individuals who are looking for a way to build a sustainable economic future for themselves and their families. Serving the community is a passion that I take seriously and one that I try to show in everything I do.