Alphonso Mayo1

Alphonso Mayo


Founder & Executive Director, Mentoring Mentors

Since 2003, Alfonso Mayo, a motivational speaker, author, coach, founder and executive director of Mentoring Mentors, decided that his impact would be by working with boys and young men of color. At age 13, Alphonso decided that he wanted to make a positive impact on his community, but first, he would have to battle his learning and intellectual difficulties. Like many young boys of color, his intellectual disability was overlooked due to his athletic ability. Alphonso took his education into his own hands. He practiced reading nightly, and through his independent studies, learned to succeed in demanding academic environments. Alphonso learned to use his emotional stress as fuel, driving him to become an example for his younger relatives and giving back to his community.

Alphonso is a first generation student, graduating from Stevenson University in 2014 with his Bachelor's of Science and Human Service, and from John Hopkins University in 2018 with his certification in Non-profit Management. Alphonso used higher education as a means of honing his ability to coach and mentor youth. Alphonso has refined his ability to teach positive coping mechanisms for handling trauma, and methods for forming positive relationships, maintaining integrity and accountability, and positive strategies for African-America men to connect with young men of color.

After winning the Dorothy Stang Award in 2014, Alphonso Mayo founded Mentoring 1 Mentors Inc to develop young men who embodied leadership, integrity, virtue and a passion for serving within the community. The purpose of Mentoring Mentors is to inspire confidence in African-American youth about the trajectory of their future, foster in them a desire to enhance their communities and mentor others. Mentoring Mentors aims to disrupt the trajectory for African-American youth in Baltimore City by providing them with an alternative way of being that they can see and emulate. Mentorship is a recognized mechanism to help youth develop confidence, compassion, and character, and has the potential to bolster Black adolescents’ socio-emotional well-being in their formative years. 

Alphonso has a passion for working with young men of color with a direct focus on developing a pipeline of Black mentors to pair with Black youth. For his service and positive impact through Mentoring Mentors, Alphonso was named Baltimore Homecoming Hero, a Champion in Life Award winner through the God Community Foundation's, a Center for Urban Families Practitioner’s Leadership Institute Baltimore Fellow, Marquis Who's Who 2018, Inspiring Voices Awards winner by Community Law In Action, Champion of Change by the Maryland Out of School Time and the National Society of Leadership and Success by Stevenson University. Alphonso published his first op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, uncovering the harsh reality that African-American youth are exposed to in Baltimore City. Alphonso hopes that through continuous education, mentoring, leadership and development programs, that he can continue to uplift the community of Baltimore City. #NeverGetComfortable