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CBMA is a growing network of leaders and organizations working to advance Black male achievement across the country.


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BMe Community

BMe Community is the #1 Largest Social Entrepreneur Fellowship in US for Black Men. It is an award-winning network of community-builders known for defining people by their positive contributions to society and enlisting incredible black men who inspi.. re us to be Better Together. BMe boldly cures hopelessness, openly defies helplessness, and creatively builds powerful networks of brothers and sisters of all races and genders. Since 2013 BMe’s 40,000 members have helped themselves and over 2-million others to improve their health, wealth, hope and communities.

My Brother's Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance) is an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) born out of President Obama’s call to action to ensure all of our nation’s boys and young men of color have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. Throug.. hout U.S. history, disparities in opportunities for millions of boys and young men of color have prevented them from reaching their full potential. A disproportionate number have entered a cycle of poverty, injustice and social immobility as a result of the unique systemic challenges that boys and young men of color face. MBK Alliance provides comprehensive and sustained interventions to improve life outcomes for boys and young men of color and empower them with the resources and support to get and stay on a path to success.

Cities United

Cities United was launched in 2011 by Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, who partnered with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Casey Family Programs President and CEO, William C. Bell, Campaign for Black Male Achievement CEO, Shawn Dove, and the Nati.. onal League of Cities to forge a national network of communities focused on eliminating violence in American cities related to African American men and boys. Today, this movement has grown to nearly 90 cities committed to working with community leaders, families, youth, philanthropic organizations and other stakeholders to reduce the epidemic of homicides and violence plaguing African American young men and boys. These cities also are focused on restoring hope to their communities and building pathways to justice, employment, education and increased opportunities for residents.

Executives' Alliance

The Executives’ Alliance is a national philanthropic alliance that will “evaluate promising approaches, advocate for effective public policy and systems change, and invest in young men as assets for America’s future.


Narrative Change
Your work focuses on changing the negative perceptions of Black men and boys by supporting efforts that allow for a more accurate portrayal of Black men and boys as assets
Your work focuses on ensuring young Black men are gaining a quality education by supporting their academic, social, civic and emotional development. 
Health & Healing
Your work focuses on providing Black Male Achievement leaders working on the ground in communities with health and healing strategies and resources for their own self-care.
Capacity Building
Your work focuses on providing capacity building and technical assistance to help strengthen the Black Male Achievement Field by ensuring organizations and leaders have the institutional infrastructure to effectively deliver
Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families
Your work focuses on building stronger communities by ensuring fathers are more involved in the lives of their children and offering resources and tools to mothers and other care providers.
Culture of Safety
Your work focuses on reducing the epidemic of homicides and violence plaguing African American young men and boys by creating pathways to justice, employment, education and increased opportunities.
Economic Opportunity
Your work focuses on creating and expanding jobs and economic opportunities that will ensure Black men and boys obtain a quality living wage.
Youth Development
Your work focuses on providing young Black men and boys the cultural and social tools that will allow them to foster and build strong community relationships and promote leadership opportunities
Civic Participation
Your work focuses on equipping Black men and boys with the tools and resources that allows them to be more civically engaged and that the political process is more inclusive
Criminal Justice
Your work focuses on reducing and eliminating mass incarceration and racial disparities in the over criminalization of Black communities by working for alternative solutions that do not further marginalize communities