Strategic Destiny LLC, NY


About Strategic Destiny LLC

Founded by Reverend Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, Strategic Destiny: Designing Futures Through Faith & Facts, seeks to find common language and collaborative opportunities with socially engaged practitioners who are motivated by faith, as well as secular practitioners motivated by evidence-based learning. Through workshops, trainings and healing circle facilitation, Strategic Destiny empowers caregivers with trauma-related response strategies to support their own healing, and to influence the health and wellness of the youth they serve. 

Reverend Dr. Wyatt is a renowned national speaker on issues affecting men, children, youth, young adults, adults, families, as well as community mental and physical health. In his role as a national public theologian, he ofers a message of hope in and out of the faith community. Dr. Wyatt is a consultant to government institutions, universities, foundations, public/charter schools, nonprofits and civic groups.

BMA Health and Healing Strategies Focus:

Under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, Strategic Destiny serves in an advisory and consultant role to the national CBMA movement. Additionally, in alignment with BMA HHS, Strategic Destiny provides healing-centered workshops and training to community-based organizations, educators, and families in Sacramento. 

Reverend Dr. Wyatt also served as keynote speaker for the BMA HHS Planning Retreat for Oakland and Sacramento leaders. Dr. Wyatt has been instrumental in providing crisis-response support and community healing to Sacramento families, district staf and community members after the tragic loss of Stephon Clark, a Black young man killed by  police in March 2018. For more information, email: alfonsowyatt09@gmail.com.