Spearitwurx, CA


About Spearitwurx

Spearitwurx provides innovative consulting and training for parents and youth development professionals on topics
such as powerful parenting, staf wellness and sustainability, crisis intervention, intergenerational and vicarious trauma, classroom management, restorative justice, efective team building, and more. The Spearitwurx organizational goal is to develop young people's ability to actively contribute to the transformation of their families, and to create a healthy and sustainable community in which they live. They achieve this goal through equipping youth development professionals with the right tools to engage, motivate, and empower youth toward health and wellness. Additionally, Spearitwurx focuses on building support within families to provide a safe space for parents and youth to share strategies on how to build safety, sustainability, and solidarity. 

BMA Health and Healing Strategies Focus:

In alignment with Health and Healing Strategies, Spearitwurx provided monthly healing-centered workshops for parents, families, and community members within the Oakland Unified School District. Most notably, at West Oakland Middle School, Spearitwurx was instrumental in bridging the cultural gap between the school community’s African American and Yemeni families through engagement in shared health and healing learning opportunities for parents/guardians.

For more information, visit: www.spearitwurx.com.