Radiant Health Strategies, CA


About Radiant Health Strategies

Radiant Health Strategies (RHS), is a holistic health educational business founded by Dr. Phyllis Hubbard. Dr. Hubbard develops health prevention and intervention programs that help correct and restore imbalances in the mind and body through the use of a synergistic blend of holistic healing modalities. Radiant Health Strategies specializes in therapeutic nutrition and movement (including Qigong and Kemetic Yoga), clinical aromatherapy, herbology, and self-empowerment. RHS has provided customized wellness education and training for CBMA since 2009 beginning with its "Transformational Leadership from the Inside Out" series of seminars.

BMA Health and Healing Strategies Focus:

Prior to serving as Senior Director of the BMA HHS Initiative, Dr. Phyllis Hubbard founded Radiant Health Strategies (RHS). RHS launched CBMA’s wellness strategic communication endeavors, including producing numerous blogs, instructional videos, empowering images and recruiting 393Films to co-host the “Journey to Radiance” podcasts and webisodes. RHS has been instrumental in highlighting practices that improve health and wellness and affirm Black men and boys as assets to their communities.

For more information, visit: www.radianthealthstrategies.com.