Oakland Unified School District, CA


About Oakland Unified School District

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) focuses on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequity, and providing each child with excellent teachers, every day.OUSD is committed to providing every  student with access to a high-quality school, ensuring each student is prepared for college, career, and community success, staffing every school with talented individuals committed to working in service of children, creating a school district that holds itself and its partners accountable for superior outcomes, and guarantees rigorous instruction in every classroom. 

BMA Health and Healing Strategies Focus: 

Under the direction of their Office of Equity, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) creates systems change based on making human connections, leveraging relationships, and empowering people to challenge and radically disrupt the system. The goal is to provide schools where students feel safe to develop the necessary skills to prepare them for college, careers, and community success. BMA HHS integration within OUSD includes:

  • Integrating CARES Mentoring Circles into the Manhood Development Program
  • Integrating Health and Healing Strategies into the OUSD Fall Forum and Spring Symposium
  • Supporting the Black Teacher Learning Support Institute 
  • Providing Parent/Family and Community Engagement events


For more information, visit www.ousd.org.