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As profiled in our 2018 Promise of Place report, the City of Memphis’ Black Lives Matter chapter held a fundraising event to raise funds for Mama’s Bail Out Day, a national campaign to bail out Black mothers in time for Mother’s Day. As part of Mama’s Bail Out Day, BLM Memphis raised $10,000 and bailed out eight women. The national BLM chapter provided another $25,000 to be spent in Memphis. A recent study found that Black children were six times as likely to have or have had an incarcerated parent. In addition, children of incarcerated parents were more likely to drop out of school, misbehave in school, and suffer from PTSD, asthma, and homelessness. 

8 National initiatives like BLM Memphis are doing the work of coordinating activities and advocacy that not only seek to improve outcomes for Black men and boys, but ensure that Black women and girls are protected and supported.

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