Flourish Agenda, CA


About Flourish Agenda

Flourish Agenda is a national nonprofit consulting firm that works with youth of color, schools, youth-serving organizations, foundations, and local governments to build and implement strategies that allow young people to flourish. The mission of Flourish Agenda is to design strategies that unlock the power of healing and engage youth of color and adults in transforming their schools and communities. Their approach incorporates Radical Healing practices and principles to restore hope, power, and possibilities in schools and youth-serving organizations. Radical Healing builds relationships that improve organizational climate and support the  well-being  of youth and educators. 

BMA Health and Healing Strategies Focus:

As partners in BMA Health and Healing Strategies, Flourish Agenda conducted seminars, workshops and trainings with K-12 teachers, non-traditional educators and district staff in each of the two targeted communities of Oakland and Sacramento. Workshops centered around Radical Healing in schools and communities, including strategies to support personal self-care and healing, and tools toward integration of a healing-centered approach in educational practices. Additional BMA HHS efforts include:

  • Keynote addresses by founder, author, and CEO Dr. Shawn Ginwright
  • Radical Healing workshops and retreats that provide breakthrough experiences to educational practitioners and caregivers
  • Customized services to support institutions and evaluate program impact and effectiveness
  • Application of research findings on youth of color, racial trauma, and well-being to improve practices and inform the field

For more information, visit: www.flourishagenda.com.