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About Denver

AS ONE OF OUR CITIES ON THE HORIZON, THE CITY OF DENVER, a My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) community, recognizes the vital importance of individuals working directly with or on behalf of boys and young men of color to challenge systems, remove barriers, and share lived experiences that help them overcome obstacles created by inequity. Denver’s Office of Children’s Affairs created the MBK25 to honor local individuals that are providing services, programs, support, or mentoring to nearly 13,500 boys and young men of color of highest need in Denver. 

The Office also uses data to help policymakers, advocates, and community partners understand who Denver’s children are, where they live, and what challenges, barriers, and opportunities they encounter. By statistically aggregating key indicators to highlight areas of cumulative disadvantage, Denver is identifying and focusing on societal and systemic problems that limit opportunity for young men of color by neighborhood. In June 2017, the Office launched the MBK Models of Success Grant, investing $75,000 to support afterschool and summer programs to meet the needs of 400 boys and young men of color.

Local organizations, programs and initiatives working on behalf of Denver’s Black men and boys: 




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