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While it scored 15 points out of 100, the Promise of Place report notes that even those cities with higher scores are not seen as the ultimate end goal, but rather as a powerful starting point to leverage for working toward tangible improvement in the life outcomes for Black men and boys. The fact Columbus, GA is on this list suggests that it holds the promise that all cities do to help build a beloved community for Black men and boys. 

As a starting point, Columbus is home to the Collegiate 100 Black Men of Columbus State University, a diverse assembly of young minority collegiate men dedicated to "education, mentorship, economic empowerment and health and wellness." The Collegiate 100 men are actively engaged in improving the quality of life for adolescent males in the Columbus tri-city area and enhancing educational and economic opportunities for all minorities. Steps Columbus can take to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys include: 

  • Mobilizing a Black Male Achievement stakeholder community
  • Establishing a re-imagine campaign
  • Developing and implementing a Black Male Achievement agenda to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys

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