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The Power in Numbers

by Anthony Richardson

When I checked my email and saw the words “Congratulations, you have been accepted into the BBCLF 2018,” I was shocked and elated. I have full confidence in myself, my abilities, and the impact I am making within my community. For me to be accepted into such a powerful movement as CBMA, out of so many applicants, I knew it was God rewarding me for the ground work I’ve laid over the last few years.  Having been accepted in the network of CBMA means a lot.

Being a part of this network and exposed to so much knowledge, positivity, and inspiration is an amazing feeling. The network and those involved are all so supportive and motivating. It is affecting the work I am building by revealing areas of growth and sustaining areas of strength. 

It is a blessing to be affiliated with an organization that enables me to see many others positively impact black males across the country in various ways.   

In creating a nonprofit organization, Inside the Lines Training Inc. (ITL), I’ve had to learn by trial and error, which has caused a delay delivering services and making the desired impact in the community. By attending the BBCLF 2018 kickoff in Greensboro, N.C., I hope to learn habits to enhance my personal effectiveness and methods to sustain ITL. In addition to developing a better organization, I am excited to learn how I can become a better leader.  When I grow I can better help those whom I serve through ITL. This cohort has already initiated thought provoking ideas with the self-assessments I have taken thus far. I am always open for growth, and I recognize it must start from within. 

I and ITL’s stakeholders will realize exponential benefits from the exposure the CBMA network will bring to our program, city, and state. It also means that I will be exposed to many ways of being effective I could incorporate into my work. There is power in numbers, and this network definitely has numerous members possessing diverse knowledge and expertise I can draw upon as I seek to enhance my effectiveness and that of ITL. I hope to gain and apply knowledge to help those from various experiences and backgrounds. I hope to learn the skills necessary to be influential in the business sense, to foster the work ITL is doing in our communities.

The optimistic future of Black male achievement should be more widely communicated. There are so many great things going on in and around our community, but the narratives are not publicized on as large a scale as necessary to dispel negative stereotypes and myths.  

The narratives should shift from focusing on the short comings of Black males to showcasing their achievements, presenting the happy, healthy, and pleasant views of our successes. Our greatness needs to be cultivated and displayed so others are forced to respect our greatness.  By doing so, we can highlight the business owners, founders, executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and many other professions that black males obtain.  Showing all of these great professions we are capable of obtaining and excelling at, will continue to inspire those we impact to chase the greatness they possess and aspire to achieve. 

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