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Share Your Springtime "Hi-5"


Each week, the CBMA team shares our “Hi-5,” the five main priorities that we will attend to that week. Springtime has me thinking about another high five that comes from Ayurveda (an East Indian healing modality). One of Ayurveda’s ancient healing secrets is called “Pancha Karma” which is usually translated to mean “five actions, measures or therapies.”  

These five therapies are specific categories of healing strategies that gently support your healing process and cleanses/balances your body using intensive, yet mild healing methods. I have used pancha karma to recover from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), to help my clients overcome addictions and reverse dis-ease. The all-inclusive five therapies could include lifestyle strategies, therapeutic movement/food and occur for a specified period of time (i.e. three, five, and seven-day pancha karmas are commonly practiced, though intensive programs can last for a month or more.) While you may not have the knowledge base of an experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner to professionally utilize pancha karma, everyone can still think of five ways that they can improve their health this spring. 

Spring is the optimal time to rejuvenate your liver, which, with more than 600 functions, is considered the “CEO of your body".

Your liver “reacts to the intense anguish, cyclic rage, strong fears and unbearable difficulties.” (Barral Institute). According to Chinese Medicine, continually waking up between 1am and 3am is an indication that the liver or gallbladder is out of balance.  From a broader perspective, your liver rules your ability to plan your life. I’ve developed a simplified list of 5 categories of therapies to inspire you to commit to a high 5 this spring: 

Try this healthy delicious cleansing stew to provide your body with the energy and resources to reduce inflammation and build immunity. 
○ Season your food with healing herbs such as turmeric, coriander and ginger.

○ Remember that hydration = water + essential fatty acids (EFAs) + electrolytes. Drink reverse osmosis, purified or distilled water and place a pinch of sea salt in the water (you will not taste the salt, but your body will get the electrolytes). 
○ Essential fatty acids are not produced by your body so you need to get them from food. Best sources of Omega 3 EFAs are chia, flax and hemp seed oil.
○ Sources of electrolytes include raw coconut water and fruits/veggies such as celery, apples, watermelon, celery seed and jicama.

○ Try this exercise to help you release negative emotions
Practice this breathing exercise

○ Your brain needs 20 percent of your body’s oxygen and glucose.  Healthy forms of glucose include dates and fresh fruits. 
○ Breathe then pause before speaking. Breathe slowly and deeply in and out. Pause after inhaling/exhaling to give your body time to utilize the oxygen.

Practice this exercise to improve circulation

What’s your Hi-5? Share your yours with CBMA this Spring by tagging us on Twitter @BMAchivement using hashtag #BMARadiant!

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard is Program Manager for CBMA's Health & Healing Strategies initiative. You can follow her on Twitter @GetRadiant.


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