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"Road To Rumble": A New CBMA Blog Series

Since 2011 the Campaign for Black Male Achievement has hosted Rumble Young Man, Rumble! -- a national inter-generational movement-building gathering held each year at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. During the first gathering CBMA leadership made a declaration that Louisville would be the Epicenter of Black Male Achievement. Since that declaration so much has happened to give life to this vision. We are grateful to organizational partners like Cities United, Metro United Way, BMe and Safe & Healthy Louisville (just to name a few) for investing with innovation and ingenuity to make Louisville a prime example of what CBMA calls a Promise of Place city. 

While Muhammad Ali famously proclaimed himself to be “The Greatest”, he would later reveal that often he wondered why his fans, followers and haters never spoke enough about the road work he put in before his bouts. In this spirit, CBMA is thrilled to launch a blog series The Road to Rumble 9where we'll hear from Rumblers across the nation who are working to improve life outcomes of Black men and boys. We'll also hear how their efforts are mirrored and motivated by Ali’s 6 core life principles: Confidence, Dedication, Giving, Spirituality, Conviction, Respect. In this first installment we're excited to spotlight the voice and leadership of Louisville-native Kimberly Denise Moore as she reflects on the core principle of Conviction.

The Road To Rumble Is Paved With Conviction

"At Rumble I learned that my purpose was bigger than my pain."

When I first came to CBMA's Rumble Young Man, Rumble, I was broken in so many pieces. I had taken a lot of losses in this work. Several young men I worked with had been murdered or incarcerated, and the work was very heavy at that time. I was on empty when I got there and second guessed whether I was doing a good job because the losses had been great!

After attending Rumble and having a "come to Jesus" talk with Reverend Alfonso Wyatt I knew that I was home. Upon seeing Dr. Dorian Burton in a shirt that said Don’t Let Your President Get You I KNEW I was in the right place!

You blessed my life when we talked about our personal journey. To see those young men from Eagle Academy and the discipline they had excited my spirit. The gratitude expressed in that room let me know that although the work was heavy at the moment, I KNEW this is what I am born to do. It is impossible to come to Rumble and not be changed.

Rumble is about redemption and transformation. 

Rumble is about compassion and love.

Rumble is about speaking life into others.

Rumble is about bringing people together who believe in the work.

Rumble is about elevation.

Rumble is about next level work for young Black men and boys.

Rumble allowed me to tap into my potential and meet people who were just like me. 

Loving the work while knowing it can be heavy. However, they taught me about being healthy enough to stay focused, and to live in your purpose. At Rumble I learned that my purpose was bigger than my pain. That loving people can hurt from time to time. I also learned that what I get from people sometimes is the best they have.

I am so grateful for my experience at Rumble. I get to wake up everyday and live in my purpose. If you are breathing today you have another opportunity to rumble for young Black men and boys.

I am so grateful for the connections and I know that God put me in the presence of His very best when he sent me to Rumble! I had been so hurt by Black men and I was angry. I had no idea that I would fall in love with Black men from all over the planet. The Black men I have met have been my saving grace!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. It is with much gratitude that I thank you for allowing me to be at Rumble and for pushing me into my purpose.

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