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Rashid Shabazz: Elevation & Acceleration

by Shawn Dove

It is with many mixed emotions that I share with all of you in the Black Male Achievement community that Rashid Shabazz will be moving on from his role as Vice President of Communications for CBMA, effective Friday, October 6th. It is impossible to capture in the space of this message all that Rashid has poured into and contributed to the growth of CBMA, the field of Black Male Achievement and personally to me as a leader since he joined the Open Society Foundations and the CBMA team in March 2009. 

Rashid’s love and leadership laid the foundation for CBMA to shift the atmosphere and narrative in elevating Black men and boys as assets to our society -- not only in the field of philanthropy, but across the nation.

From his work establishing the Echoing Green Black Male Achievement Fellowship, creating, designing and producing the Black Male Re-Imagined Series, and seeding Question Bridge multi-media project, to ensuring that CBMA has, and will continue to have, a “history of making history,” my friendship and partnership with Rashid has been unprecedented in my career. I encourage you to view the CBMA Ethos Video for a vivid reminder of all that Rashid has ignited during his tenure with CBMA over the past eight years. Indeed, hiring him was the smartest decision I made in my role as the leader of CBMA.

While Rashid is moving on from his position at CBMA, he will forever be a part of the CBMA family. To echo that sentiment, please join me in congratulating Rashid on his thrilling new leadership opportunity with one of our partner organizations, Color of Change, where he will serve as the organization’s inaugural Chief Marketing and Storytelling Officer. This is indeed a divine assignment for Rashid with one for the nation’s most innovative and impactful civil rights organizations. His gifts and talents are ideal for this new role, and the CBMA team is excited to see how Rashid will continue to be a change agent for Black people and communities.

Please stay tuned for more information on how we will celebrate Rashid for his immeasurable contributions to CBMA and help to usher him into the unique leadership assignment that awaits him. In the spirit of the recent #LoveLearnLead re-branding of CBMA and our website that Rashid spearheaded, he has been a strategic, emphatic leader who etched on so many of our hearts and minds a legacy message during Black Male Re-Imagined II: Love Makes Change Happen.

Thank you, Rashid, for everything and for the more to come. Keep Pressing, Keep Blessing!

Shawn Dove, CEO

Campaign for Black Male Achievement


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