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Join A Special CBMA Health & Healing Strategies "Spring Cleaning" Webinar!


Summer is nearly upon us, which means the time to conduct a thorough spring cleaning is quickly ticking by!

For this reason, CBMA is excited to present a special Health and Healing Strategies webinar to help you do just that. Presented by yours truly, this Spring Cleaning Webinar will take place on Thursday, June 1st at 1:00 p.m. EST, and is designed to equip you with key strategies to rejuvenate and optimize your health -- mind, body, and spirit -- for the busy summer months ahead.

Register Now!

Prior to the June 1st webinar, there are some important things you should know about how to incorporate health and wellness with your summer eating regimen. Below are some recommendations around specific herbs to help you keep cool and hydrated during the long hot months ahead.

The Hydration Situation

Did you know that herbs can be used internally or externally to enhance your body's self healing mechanisms? Herbs also add flavor to your food and beneficial enzymes to help digest your food. It is imperative that you stay hydrated and keep your body cool in the summer heat. Water is not the complete formula for hydration. To be fully hydrated you need to drink water before you’re thirsty and remember this equation: hydration = water + electrolytes + essential fatty acids.

Water - reverse osmosis or distilled (with a pinch of high quality sea salt) is optimal. It’s better to take a small sip periodically (i.e. every 15 minutes) than to gulp down an entire glass at once. 

Electrolytes - great sources include white fruits and veggies, salty/watery veggies (i.e. celery, celery seed, watermelon, jicama, coconut water, apples)

Essential Fatty Acids - these needed but not made by the body so we must get them from food (chia, hemp, or flax seed oil are high quality sources)

The Top 5 Cooling Herbs for Summer

Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, provide sustainable energy for your body, and keep your cells hydrated. Add 1/4 teaspoon to your water bottle and drink throughout your day. You can also add chia seeds to your smoothies or mix in with coconut milk yogurt. Chia seeds must be added to foods or water. Mint - supports your respiratory, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems; great for colds, sore throat and headaches. Place mint in your water, drink mint tea, add to salads, smoothies or chew on the leaves as a breath freshener. There are 3 basic families of mint (all are great):

  • Peppermint - best for digestion, most cooling
  • Spearmint - best for relaxation and supports the urinary system
  • Horsemint - best as an antispasmodic for pain relief

Cucumber - helps to balance blood sugar and is great for people with Type 2 Diabetes; is high in silica which helps with joint and ligament pain, and reduces inflammation; add cucumber slices to your water, eat in salads and put in smoothies. Cucumber skin is really good for you, but it must be organic. If your cucumber is not organic you must peel off the skin. Coconut is naturally cooling, and coconut water is fantastic at replenishing the cells. 

Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes. Add a pinch of sea salt to coconut water to create a superior sports drink which replaces lost fluids. Coconut also helps to balance the thyroid, increases metabolism, and has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. 

Coconut oil is one of only a few oils that is safe to cook with (at medium heat). This power packed food boosts immunity and is a great moisturizer for your skin. Aloe vera taken internally can cool and rejuvenate your liver. Known as the Queen of herbs, aloe vera regulates sugar and fat metabolism and you can add a pinch of turmeric to aloe as an overall general tonic. 

Aloe Vera is great for relieving constipation, inflammation, burns, hives, sprains, boils and other issues of the skin. It is best to take about 1/4 cup of the juice (or gel) in the morning/before bed on an empty stomach. It is certainly an acquired taste so you can mix it with a little apple juice. This brand (my favorite) tastes the best if you get it in the glass jar. 

Summer time is also the best time to enjoy more raw foods or lightly steamed veggies. Eat more alkaline and astringent foods that are cooling such as green juices, berries, figs, melons, avocados and pears. Enjoy cooling vegetables such as bok choy, lettuce, green beans and alfalfa sprouts.

Remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the great outdoors!

What is one way that you can actively engage in your own self care today? Tag us on Twitter @BMAchivement using hashtag #BMARadiant.

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard is Director of CBMA's Health & Healing Strategies Initiative. You can follow her on Twitter @GetRadiant.


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