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Inspiring Health and Healing for Black Men and Boys Through "Innovation and Collective Genius"



In 2009, while attending the first CBMA retreat, two grantees came to me for help, and I was concerned that I couldn't convince them to get their wives join in on our consultations. I let it go, but kept the faith and worked with the men alone. Between last year and just a few weeks ago, both wives contacted me, and now finally the whole family is collectively on the path to radiant health. It was, for me, both a miracle and a great lesson in patience and timing.

If we examine the weak links in our various movements, we'll notice a root cause of mental and emotional illness, poor health or lack of a grounded spiritual center. This is often the case for our Black men and boys, who struggle disproportionally with trauma-based issues and are forced to navigate them without proper access to critical resources or supports. I often wondered why we do not address these issues directly. In each case, it was a slow drift away from wellness that eventually led to demise. We can no longer afford such drifts, which is why I believe that my joining the Campaign for Black Male Achievement and helping to lead its BMA Health and Healing Strategies initiative has come at a pivotal moment.

Listening to Stanley Nelson refer to his film Black Panthers: Vanguards of the Revolution as a "cautionary tale" during CBMA’s February membership call, I was reminded once more that we must fuse wellness into of all aspects of our lives. Every choice we make is based on our mental/emotional state. To build with one hand and battle with the other, we need to bring it like a Navy Seal and the beauty is that we have each other for support. In our collective genius, we can be assured that if we choose to stay aware of any potential leaks in our boat, one of us will have the caulk, cement or whatever we need to recover and stay strong. 

As a student of holistic health in our practicum clinic, I witnessed miracles through healing techniques that I haven't had the opportunity to share with you yet. Although it may be quite a while before I get to share those techniques in full force, for the first time in my life, I finally have the opportunity to begin the process of teaching stress management and self-empowered healing of the body, mind, heart, and spirit on a grand scale where it is needed most. In the clinic, we taught people how to heal themselves so that they were not dependent on a person, substance or system. Rather, they learned interdependence. Once we are self-empowered from the inside and mindfully know how to use and apply these self-empowered tools to any situation, we are unstoppable. 

Once we are self-empowered from the inside and mindfully know how to use and apply these self-empowered tools to any situation, we are unstoppable.

As a mental health coach who has been working with some brilliant high-level scientists from MIT, I have discovered more ways of fusing the best of cutting-edge science with the brilliance of the healing power of nature. The process is ever evolving and NOW is our time. I now have the patience and have moved into a pool of collective genius with all of you. I believe that "innovation through collective genius" --a phrase coined and championed by author and Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill (who's also faculty chair of its Leadership Initiative) -- is the way, and am so humbled, excited and honored to be in the midst of it with all of you. 

That said, you may not always like me -- and I'm okay with that, because I am always loving you in the highest sense of the word. I am a coach. Athletes don't always like their coach, but if you want to get in the best shape possible to win the game, you'll need a coach who will nudge you beyond your comfort zone and keep you on the path! I expect the same in return as I learn from many of you in the BMA movement and evolve, because you are all coaches as well. 

I look forward to working together as we allow our collective genius to float in the waters of love and power.  

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard is Founder of Radiant Health Strategies, LLC, a privately owned holistic health educational business that helps individuals and groups achieve radiant health through strategies that integrate an array of holistic health methods, professional and lifestyle skills. CBMA is very excited to have Dr. Hubbard joining our team to serve as Director of CBMA's Health & Healing Strategies initiative. Learn more about the project here, and follow Dr. Hubbard on Twitter @GetRadiant.


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