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How To Survive Fatherhood

“How to Survive Fatherhood” is the thought of most every father at different points in their parenting. Encourage Me I’m Young (EMIY) Inc., Good Fathers Only (GFO), Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), Center for Artistic Development (CAD) and other stakeholders have come together in an effort to share some tools that may help men with survival strategies from different types of parenting roles that men share. We know that one way to engage Fathers is a face-to-face sharing of relevant information, tools, insights and resources. Believing there is a mutual benefit in engaging parents, especially fathers, it is our goal to continue to offer valuable experiences coming directly from the lives of fathers. 

For more than 20 years, I have shared my stories of fatherhood as a tool to help others learn from my missteps and navigate the legacy of fathers. We have to know that through the pitfalls and plateaus of manhood and family life it is in our shared interest to gather men and fathers together to celebrate and educate.  

In leading the movement of boys, men and fathers through founding EMIY (Encourage Me I’m Young) and GFO (Good Fathers Only), we are taking the organizer’s role to engage men and fathers in celebrating the value of fatherhood. We see the strong connections between healthy boys, healthy men and healthy fathers as a solution. One of our approaches for the restoration of the family is to provide information and encouragement to men that is positive and drawing.  

Our commitment to restoring families through encouraging boys and supporting fathers is evidenced in events like our annual fatherhood walk, discussion groups, mentor academy, legacy training, business showers, pancake breakfast, school and community presence, and conferences! Fathers survive fatherhood through finances addressed through business showers, learning from other fathers at our discussion groups and gatherings, and opportunities to be celebrated. We know this is more than a local movement and is taking root in other cities! Fatherhood is important everywhere. 

Our free conference kick-off is Father’s Day weekend on Friday, June 14 from 6-9 pm. GFO will host the amazing line up of dynamic speakers, Raheem Anderson, Teferi Brent, John Langlois, and Dr. William Byron Reese as keynote, who are committed to share tools, insights, and information supporting the theme “How to Survive Fatherhood” at Wayne County Community College District 8200 W. Outer Drive in Detroit. The lineup represents the combination of traditional and non-traditional parenting roles established by the dynamics of modern families. Our panel of fathers will share their solutions and experiences to surviving fatherhood on a daily basis, giving value to men and fathers who choose to make parenting work. 

I am excited to continue to build the bridges and the opportunities to gather men together to educate and celebrate the more than 70 values that fathers bring to their children. We must raise the value on fatherhood as it’s very important to families staying together, coming together, and marriage. We see so many broken men we had to offer them a true view of how great Fatherhood is. In 2008, it was just a T-shirt but more than 20 year later, in 2019, it’s time to help men and fathers see how valuable they are! We must celebrate it while our children are watching us grow into great men of legacy. Raising the bar on fatherhood must be done and must become the norm in our world. We bring amazing results when we are healthy and involved in our children’s lives. I leave you with this thought: “Fatherhood is the ultimate reward of being a man.

Calvin T. Mann is Founder & President of Encourage Me I'm Young (EMIY) and Good Fathers Only. He is a native and resident of Detroit, MI, one of CBMA's five Promise of Place cities. 


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