From Grief to Grace to Gratitude: CBMA's Final Network Call

As CBMA looks back on the past year, a recurring theme for us has been Grief, Grace and Gratitude. Grief over lost loved ones and the many people who have transitioned in 2020; Grace for ourselves and others who are navigating unprecedented challenges; and Gratitude for the shining moments of hope, love and resilience that continue to fortify our families and communities. 

On November 19th CBMA hosted its final monthly network call to share reflections on "Grief, Grace and Gratitude" and hear insights and wisdom from dynamic leaders in the Black Male Achievement (BMA) field, including:

  • Jessica Disu a.ka. FM Supreme, Poet, Artist, Activist; Founder, Chicago International Youth Peace Movement
  • Marisa Renee Lee, Founder & CEO, Beacon Advisors; Author and Grief Expert
  • Joyce Hobson Johnson, Co-Executive Director, Beloved Community Center
  • Lorenzo Lewis, Founder, The Confession Project
  • Greg Corbin, Poet, Educator, Director of Restorative Justice for the Mural Arts Philadelphia