"Dear Mama: Extended Children" Letter Series

This Mother’s Day, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement will partner with Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) for “Dear Mama: Extended Children Letters,” a letter-writing campaign to women who have lost their children -- both sons and daughters -- to police or state violence. Specifically, we are calling on Black men and boys, like you, to use the power of your pen and uplift our extended mothers with words of affection, appreciation, and support to ensure they are blanketed with love from their extended sons across the nation. Each letter we receive by May 21 will be paired and delivered to a mother who's experienced such a loss.

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My son, Clinton Allen, was a bouncing baby boy born September 29, 1987 at 9:44 am and weighed 11 pounds 13 oz. He was a delightful and curious child. Clinton was an avid writer and had a keen sense of empathy for others. His lifelong dream was to become the 5th generation rancher in his family. Mothering him was the joy of my life. On March 10, 2013, at just 25 years old, Clinton was brutally killed by Dallas police officer, Clark Staller. He was shot seven times, including once in the armpit (indicating he had his hands up) and once in the back. He was unarmed.

In the wake of Clinton's death, I decided to turn my pain into fuel and founded Mothers Against Police Brutality to unite grieving mothers to transform policing in America by demanding transparency and accountability.

A Mother's son is irreplaceable. A Mother's black son is the most unique love she will ever experience in her lifetime. But when a Mother's son is taken by police violence it breaks the social contract, and that broken contract leaves our extended sons, like you, in peril. Lifting up these Mothers through your letters is important in ways you could never imagine. It offers love, compassion, hope and it encourages Mothers to fight for not only their sons, but for the sons of other Mothers as well. An injury to one son is an injury to all of our sons. 

- Collette Flanagan, Founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality


Please submit one letter no later than Friday, May 21, 2017 at 11:59pm.

Each letter will be paired and delivered to a mother of a police brutality victim. Please keep in mind when writing your letters that they will go to mothers who have lost both sons and/or daughters. Those submitting letters will receive a thank you note detailing who received their letter and the recipient's personal story.

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