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Chris Rutherford Joins the CBMA Team


In exciting news, CBMA is proud to announce that we have officially opened up a new office in the City of Detroit! Given the critical BMA work happening in Detroit (which earned the top score in our "Promise Of Place" city index report) we thought it crucial to maintain a year-round presence in an effort to continue helping drive progress in one of our key deep-dive cities. We are also thrilled to announce the addition of Chris Rutherford to the CBMA team as our new Promise of Place Program Manager!  

In alignment with CBMA’s field-building and movement-building work, Chris will spend a significant amount of his time in the community strengthening collaboration across the city of Detroit. He will also be working closely with our Strategy & Innovation team to ensure that CBMA's new High School Excellence (HSE) Framework becomes a critical part of advancing focused efforts to help Black men and boys complete high school with the skills to lead in their communities; matriculate through the college; and compete for meaningful employment.  We will be sharing more information on our HSE Framework over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you need to reach Chris or simply want to congratulate him on the position, email him at!


episode Journey To Radiance

Ep. 13: Journey To #CBMANext!

In honor of Black History Month, CBMA is excited to share the newest installment of our "Journey To Radiance" podcast series, "Journey to #CBMANext!  Join hosts Dr. Phyllis Hubbard, Director