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CBMA Health & Healing: The Power of Emotions, Part II


Say you just can't live that negative way? If you know what I mean, make way for the positive day. Cause its a new day, new time, a new feeling ... it's a new sign ... Bob Marley

Practicing and Prioritizing Positive Vibrations

Last month, I introduced you to the importance of monitoring and adjusting your reactions to outside stimuli. Whenever I discuss the effects that negative emotions have on the organs, I inevitably get the obvious questions:

How can I just be happy? What am I supposed to do? Do I just run around with a fake smile on my face, knowing how mad, angry or sad I am?

Great questions, indeed. The answer is a resounding NO!

If an impala gets trapped in the jaws of a lion and then escapes it will run to freedom. Once safe, the impala's entire body will shake vigorously until all trauma related to the incident is gone. Yet, humans will hold a grudge or regurgitate a fearful event for many years or even a lifetime. Why do we do this to ourselves? 

Here's another, more productive way to deal with those emotions without hindering our own healing: 

Allow emotions to move through you without getting stuck in you.

Your next questions may ask, how do we break the habit of suppressing negative emotions? How do we prevent ourselves from avoiding or projecting them onto others? The first step we can take is to reframe. If you feel angry, say “I feel angry” instead of saying “I AM angry.” Recognize there is a difference between the two. Our identity is not anger or any other emotion, but those emotions can arise in us. 

One of my favorite ways to process negative emotions is through the use of the transformation cycle: 

The basic premise of the Transformation Cycle is this: ALL that happens to us is “chaos.” How we choose to respond to what happens to us will put us on the path of “order” or the path of “grief.”  We will know what side of the cycle we are on by tracking our feelings. 

If we find ourselves on the path of grief, we have the opportunity to find peace by working through and transmuting those emotions by doing some self work. The first step is to acknowledge what we feel without judging ourselves. Take deep breaths so that the energy doesn’t get stuck.  We can then go through the process of letting go and forgiving. This does NOT mean that what the other person did or didn’t do is OK. It simply means that we are releasing our emotional attachment to that person/situation so that we can move forward. Breathe through it. 

Next, we enter into the void. It is like being in a cocoon because from the outside, it appears that nothing is happening. We may feel completely alone and be tempted to give up at this point. However, transformation is taking place inside the cocoon and if we can hold steady, breathe deeply and nourish ourselves, we will experience our breakthrough. 

The key is to go to the place beyond our anger, frustration and fear. I know that what I'm asking may seem difficult at first, but when we take the time to do our inner work diligently, the payoff is huge because we can heal and move forward. 

Remaining stuck is dangerous because it can lead addictive behaviors that postpone pain, but will never remove it.

People constantly ask me "Are you always this happy? Where do you get your energy?" My answer is "No, sometimes I feel anger, frustration, sadness, etc.  However, I don't allow those feelings to linger within me because my desire for freedom and peace has become greater than the the pain of holding on to suffering. We need to retrain ourselves to vehemently hold a vision of what we want/who we truly are to help us move through difficult times. As the good Dr. Beckwith would say, “we are pushed by pain until we are pulled by a vision.”

Positive Emotions and Your Organs

Last month we looked at how negative emotions affect your organs. Now take a look at the graphic below and explore why it is worth our while to feel some positive vibrations:

Every positive emotion begins the dis-ease reversal process, strengthens immunity, plus much more. Please do not take my word for it, really do the work, and then tell me whether or not you are transformed, liberated, free, in the bliss. 

Have you noticed a connection between how you feel and health issues in your life? Share your stores! Tag us on Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #BMARadiant!

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard is the Senior Director of BMA Health & Healing Strategies for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement. She is also the Founder of Radiant Health Strategies, LLC, a privately owned holistic health educational business that helps individuals and groups achieve radiant health through strategies that integrate an array of holistic health methods, professional and lifestyle skills. Follow along with Dr. Hubbard on Twitter @GetRadiant and on Instagram at phyllishubbard.


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