Apply For a Capacity Building Grant

The IBMA is launching an opportunity for member organizations to apply for service grants in order to access high-quality capacity-building services. Members can apply for support to strengthen any of the following capacity areas:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Performance Measurement and Impact
  • Leadership, Team and Governance
  • Strategic Communications
  • Best Practices for Direct Service Activities
  • Best Practices for Advocacy Activities
  • Strengthening a Race and Gender Equity Lens, with a Focus on Black Male Achievement


Grants awarded will be in the $12,500 range, and can be used to pay for various services including direct consulting, coaching, training workshops, technology or systems development, or other types of support that are delivered by a service provider of the applicant's choice. Sample capacity-building projects include a strategic or business plan, marketing plan, fundraising strategy, tools to measure outcomes, board development workshop, website development, etc.

One grant will be awarded per organization. Grant funds will be paid directly to the capacity-building service provider (providers can be a qualified individual, firm, or organization that does consulting, coaching, etc.).

Click here to view an informational webinar describing the grants and application process, and here to see the webinar slides.

The Timing

  • March 10th : Applications Open
  • April 4th, 5pm EST : Applications Due
  • April 14th : Grant Awardees Announced

  The Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for an IBMA Capacity-Building Grant, applicants must:

  • Be a member of the IBMA
  • Have a commitment, through the nature of their work, to improving the life outcomes of black men and boys
  • Be a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, community-based organization, school or higher ed institution, for-profit social enterprise, government agency, or a distinct program/initiative within a nonprofit or government organization
  • Have been in existence as an organization for one year or longer
  • Have a capacity-building lead person who: a) will oversee the capacity-building process, b) will be the point-person for the IBMA

The Selection Criteria

The IBMA Capacity-Building Grants aim to address a gap in capacity-building support that exists throughout the black male achievement field. The grants also aim to drive improved life outcomes for black men and boys and to strengthen the overall field. Thus, the selection process will consider applicants’ clarity of the outcomes they aim to achieve for black males, the clarity about capacity needs and focus on improving targeted capacity areas, leadership’s commitment, time and attention to make best use of capacity support, and potential for the applicant to serve as a leader and help strengthen the black male achievement field.

To Apply

The four steps to apply for the IBMA Capacity-Building Grants are described below. We hope that just going through this application process itself will be helpful in diagnosing and developing a plan to strengthen your organization’s capacity. If you have any questions about the process, please

PART I: Join the IBMA Network and Assess Your Organization 

  1. Register as an IBMA member. Click on ‘Register’ at the top of the IBMA website and fill out your basic information.
  2. Complete the IBMA Member Survey*

Click here to fully complete the member survey. Be sure to answer ‘Yes’ to the 2nd-to-last question on the last page asking about your interest in taking the IBMA Capacity Assessment. After this step, your organization’s login info for the  assessment will be emailed to you in order to complete Step 3 below.

*The survey should be completed by the individual in your organization who will be the capacity-building lead for the organization and point-person for working with the IBMA on capacity. If this person has already completed the survey, please click here to fill out a short form instead.

        3. Complete the IBMA Organizational and Leadership Capacity Assessment*

The IBMA Capacity Assessment is officially launched for all IBMA members. We see completing the assessment itself as a valuable exercise in strengthening your organization’s capacity, and have thus required it as a core step in the grant application process. A description of the assessment can be found here.

Use your organization’s login info that is emailed to you after Step 2 to access the assessment. Follow the instructions provided and be sure to complete all five modules. After you complete the assessment, your Assessment Report with results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. You will be referring to these assessment results in Step 4 below.

*Be as honest and accurate as possible in completing the assessment, as it is meant to identify capacity areas to focus on. There is no advantage in the grants selection process from showing higher scores.

PART II: Apply for the Grant

4. Complete the Capacity-Building Grant Application

Once you have completed the capacity assessment for your organization, complete the capacity-building grant application by clicking here. In this application you will refer to the assessment results to identify the top capacity areas you would like to strengthen using the grant. Applications are due April 4th, 5pm EST.