Core Values and Plan

IBMA Plan:

The Institute for Black Male Achievement was launched based on a nine month planning process that culminated in a five year business plan. Stakeholder input for the plan included perspectives from 70+ leaders across the country, representing multiple stakeholder groups (nonprofit, philanthropy, government, schools, business, and community leaders).

The plan is anchored by combining strategies that integrate capacity building, network building, and movement building, all with an explicit focus on black male achievement.   The IBMA plan is focused on implementing four strategies to support and strengthen its members and the black male achievement field:

1. Strengthen Capacity 

2. Promoting the Field 

3. Social Innovation Accelerator

4. Communities of Practice 

IBMA Core Values:

Unity: champion a shared agenda to improve life outcomes, opportunities, equality, and justice for black males.
Inclusion: advance a shared agenda open to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious or political beliefs
Celebration: commit to a positive narrative that builds off the assets that exist and celebrates and promotes what’s working.
Collaboration: collaborate across sectors, fields, issue areas, and movements to best support the shared agenda.
Reciprocity: give and receive from the network to ensure collective success.
Results: be willing to be held accountable, to use available evidence of what works, measure performance, learn from the results, and continuously improve.
Social Innovation: innovate, lift up, build upon, and spread what is working.
Respect: Respect the work of the past and the confidentiality of, and work of, fellow members.